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How do we know when we have succeeded? These are just a few comments from our satisfied clients. We build live-time relationships with our customers from the beginning of design concepts through the launch as well as continuing with maintenance. We feel we have accomplished our goal for success when our clients express the following:

January 2009

Lorenzo Food Group

York Street Caterers is a major sandwich manufacturer in the Northeast. We deliver fresh sandwiches every day of the week from Philadelphia, Upstate New York, Connecticut and lower Massachusetts. Without Gianella’s Bakery as our bread supplier this would be a very difficult task. Gianella’s reaction time to surprise orders is within hours, and usually that is for hundreds of dozens of Artisan bread. The quality is consistent day in and day out, the daily delivery is prompt. Their office staff is friendly (that’s for you Jessica) and always accommodating. Overall Gianella’s bread company is one of the best in New Jersey. Thanks.

John Lorenzo
Lorenzo Food Group

September 2010

Customer comments:

My favorite Italian bread is Gianella’s. Gianella’s bread is absolutely delicious. The crust is crisp, but not tough. The inside is dense, and tender and full of flavor. The taste is true Italian! It’s my number 1 choice for making sandwiches & hero’s. Gianella’s bread always accompanies any Italian food I make. You must stop and try Gianella’s. The smell of the bread in the car on the way home is incredible! You’ll be reaching into the bag to tear off pieces. Buy an extra loaf so you have it by the time you get home.

June Dano
New Jersey customer

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